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We do small batch freeze drying. This allows the fresh produce to be preserved at its peak freshness! Information on just how this is done can be found here.

We have been providing food to our community in some form for over 17 years. Starting as a private chef and specialty baker, Dawn is the Chef/Owner of Sundial Baking. Often assisted by the whole family Sundial works to provide the perfect individualized menu and setting for client events.

Dawn started a decorated cookie side of the business in 2020 and continues today creating and designing cookies that add just the right touch to your event.

Dawn was one of the original founders of Forest Grove UnCorked and now along side the rest of the Houser family and Baas family, runs the non-profit event year after year. Find out more at

Taking all of this knowledge, we are now venturing in to freeze-dried produce, healthy drink blends and fun snack creations.

Meet the Team

Meet the creative minds behind your crunchy snacks!

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